3 stars confirmed by the Vinum Wine Guide 2023

3 Sterne bestätigt beim Vinum Weinguide 2023

We are happy about the sensational rating of the Vinum Wine Guide 2023.

To quote a few excerpts: ,,Here the knot seems to have finally burst. Never before have we tasted such a high-quality collection as this year. The white Burgundy varieties in particular are entering a new dimension. Even the cuvée of Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay convinces with fine fruit, smoothness and juiciness. Then there are two excellent Chardonnays: The "S" variant with elegance and finesse, the "R" variant with even more complexity. The Pinot Blanc “R” has pushed itself to the top, combining grandiose freshness with the expression of a great Pinot Blanc. Geyersberg and Herrenberg are expressive, rather robust, dry Rieslings. But the dark berry Pinot Noir, which is equipped with a lot of freshness, is great.''

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