3 red grapes and high praise from Gault Millau.

Here are a few excerpts:

2019 Chardonnay "R" : Multifaceted, intense and very Burgundian. depth
and melting, smoke and sweetness are powerful and yet not overpowering. This Chardonnay can be lavishly accompanied, for example by white truffle.

2019 Oppenheimer Herrenberg Riesling : purism meets wood. Dense and structured with aromas of lime, herbs, green apple, something
Yeast, nougat and raisins. Goes well with Nordic cuisine, poached eggs and delicate cuisine.

2019 Pinot Blanc “R”: Relaxation wine: Pinot Blanc with a nice balance.
Elegant wood meets acidity and a stately body. Lots of pome fruit, marzipan and a subtle saltiness. It's fun, sip by sip.

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